Benchmade 43A Modification Project

aka "Project 43"

By FivePointOhh aka Brews

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Original BM 43A

As you can see the bottom handle needs a lot of block sanding to make it straight

After using a Sears Rotary Tool on a test cut, I found this void.

Getting there.

Here is a comparison of the semi-finished handle and the factory handle.

Here is an end shot showing a couple small voids.

Removed the 'ears' from the blade tang and sanded smooth with 220 paper.

Another void is found on the safe handle.

I'm getting there. Here are the ends of the semi-finished handles showing the voids.

The handles have been hand sanded with 400 grit paper & the blade was buffed with a cotton buffing wheel and white rouge.

I'm not to happy with the way the blade came out, still can see the grind marks so.... Next is to sand the handles and the blade with 600 and 1500 grit paper and buff. I tried to start sanding with 600 grit but it wasn't cutting it, so I went to 220 then 400 grit.

Here's what the blade looks like sanded to 400 grit.

Since the last pic above, I only used 600 grit paper on the blade and handles. I then used a satin finish buffing compound called 'Q' provided to me by Sabo. After a final buffing using a white rouge, I arrived at the following mirror finish.

Here are a couple low-tech tools I used during the completion of the project.

Page updated: 03/12/2006

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